In the 21st century, importance of Logistics in the field of economy and society in Japan
has been close up with the progress of Globalization and Information Technology.
Our company has been concerned with
international and domestic logistics, in particular, the broking business of Sea transportation
since establishment in 1958.
The main customers are Japanese big trading companies, steel mills and shipping companies.
We are mainly concerned with transportation of export cargoes for USA, Europe, South
East Asia, Middle East Countries etc. and also import cargoes from USA, Peoples' Republic
of China, Russia and India together with the 3rd countries trades.
The primary cargoes are steel products, vehicles, machinery plant, general goods, iron ore,
coal, industrial salt and expanded to grain etc.
We arrange necessary vessels' space for transportation, with the updated international and
domestic informations and well experienced staffs, for customers.
We are well appreciated in the swift and correct treatment of documenations througth latest
computer systems.


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Kawahatamarine Corporation