Message from the President & Corporate Identity

  • CEO

    In 2018, we celebrated our 56th anniversary.
    As a maritime brokerage business we have had quite a long experience.
    At the beginning of the founding, there was neither copy machine, facsimile, internet nor smartphone, which are indispensable for the business nowadays.
    Therefore, at that time, one of our most important roles was how fast and how correct information we can collect and offer them to our customers.

    The 21st century is an era of change.
    When utilization of big data and AI became mainstream, outdatesd way of business cannot be survived. However, we believe there is one thing that has not changed as before.
    It is a stron partnership with customers, constantly providing ideas and growing together.

    We believe that now it's time to maximize our experiences we have cultivated in the past, to unite the power of each individual employee, and to work together as a company.
    Even if the time changes, we continue to acquire expert knowledge and various experiences, and we make our all the constant effort to keep the unchanged partnership with our customers and go forward together for the future.

  • 1st November 2018
    Kawahata Marine Corporation
    President Shigeru Kanaya

Corporate Identity



1. We will promptly respond to customer's requests and contribute to the development of society by offering intermediary services on good quality domestic and international maritime transport.

2. We will comply with laws and regulations, and as a member of society we will carry out fair and healthy corporate activities under the Good Social Code of Ethics.

3. Respect the human rights of our employees, we will establish and maintain democratic and transparent management.

4. We will build a vibrant workplace where people can grow up and feel the joy of working through work